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About Me

Denis Lordan

Elite Performance & Executive Coach


Fusion Performance goes beyond traditional coaching. I facilitate goal-setting, and decision-making processes, and empower clients to improve the effectiveness of their workplace relationships. Whether working with aspiring athletes, educational institutions, or elite sports squads, my approach is rooted in cultivating environments where potential thrives. Having successfully collaborated with diverse teams, I extend my coaching prowess seamlessly into the corporate arena. From nurturing start-ups to partnering with established corporations, I bring a unique expertise in understanding and enhancing team dynamics. By assisting teams and businesses in structuring themselves strategically, Fusion Performance propels them towards gaining a competitive edge, ensuring sustainable growth and success. Embark on a shared quest for performance elevation where the boundaries between education, elite sports, and corporate excellence seamlessly dissolve. Join Fusion Performance in cultivating success across every facet of your journey.

About Me

I have gathered considerable knowledge to date in terms of life experience and education. My qualifications include:

2009 Bachelor of Arts 

2010 Masters in Health in Economics

2013 Post-graduate Diploma in Education 

2016 Masters in the area of Strength and Conditioning

2020 Advanced Diploma in Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching

2021 Leadership and Transformational Change

2022 QQI Level 6 Sports Psychology

2023 Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology  


2020 Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

2024 Gazing Red2Blue Coach

With an unwavering dedication spanning over two decades, my professional odyssey in the realm of performance is a dynamic fusion of educational expertise, elite-level sports, and impactful collaborations with businesses of various scales.


As a seasoned coach, I have skillfully navigated the intricacies of performance, traversing the foundational levels of education to meet the heightened demands of elite sports. Over my extensive 15-year portfolio, I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse teams, ranging from aspiring athletes in educational settings to elite-level sports squads.


My coaching journey seamlessly extends beyond the sports arena into the corporate landscape. From nurturing start-ups to collaborating with established corporations, I’ve cultivated a unique expertise in understanding and enhancing team dynamics. My approach transcends traditional coaching; it’s about fostering an environment where potential not only exists but thrives.


At the core of my practice lies a profound commitment to emotional intelligence and performance psychology, specialising in human performance and mental aspects such as mindset. This foundational commitment enables me to delve deep into the nuances of individual and team dynamics, unlocking the keys to sustained success.


Embark with me on this transformative journey, where my coaching philosophy transcends boundaries, creating a seamless connection between the worlds of education, elite sports, and corporate excellence. Together, let’s embark on a shared quest for performance elevation, cultivating success in every facet of your journey.

Coaching is about people and for me coaching is undertaking a collaborative process and means you support, share ideas and in some cases challenge your clients to improve performance and help them reach their desired goals with clarity & purpose

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