Fusion Performance Coaching

Denis Lordan

Elite Performance & Executive Coach

Fusion Performance is an elite coaching solution that works with people to help them become high-performers in various settings such as business, sports and on an individual basis. I help my clients to reach their full potential in a collaborative process. This process helps my clients to discover and unlock a powerful version of themselves enhancing their sense of purpose. Fusion Performance helps with goal-setting and decision-making processes, and to improve the effectiveness of their relationships within the workplace. I can help teams and businesses put structures in place to help them gain a competitive edge over the competition helping them to achieve sustainable growth & success

About Me

I have gathered considerable knowledge to date in terms of life experience and education. My qualifications include:

2009 Bachelor of Arts 

2010 Masters in Health in Economics

2013 Post-graduate Diploma in Education 

2016 Masters in the area of Strength and Conditioning

2020 Advanced Diploma in Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching

2021 Leadership and Transformational Change

2022 QQI Level 6 Sports Psychology  

As a qualified teacher and sports coach, my passion is dealing with people and more importantly helping them to develop their potential. Teaching is a fantastic and a rewarding experience and I enjoy having a profound effect on people and their lives.

In the summer of 2020, I decided to branch out of the education sector and look to develop my passion for coaching. 

With over 18 years coaching in a sporting context, 10 years of this has been operating in high-performance setups involving county squads ranging from U13 to county minor. During this period I have gained invaluable experience in how to measure and promote performance. These skills have provided me with a solid foundation and a bank of experience I can call upon.

Fusion Performance looks forward to what the future holds and aims to help clients in their personal and professional life.

Coaching is about people and for me coaching is undertaking a collaborative process and means you support, share ideas and in some cases challenge your clients to improve performance and help them reach their desired goals with clarity & purpose

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