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What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching is a series of techniques aiming to bring about continuous improvement in an individual.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance. It’s helping them to

learn rather than teaching them.”

Key points from a survey carried out by Kerry Mental Health Association

  • 86% of the respondents felt that Covid-19 had worsened their mental health.
  • 90% of the respondents reported being very or extremely worried with the uncertainty over the Leaving Cert exam.
  • 90% of students were worried about the increased competition for 3rd Level
  • With 37% of those reporting that it had worsened their mental health significantly.

What we can help with

Do you want to learn how to reduce your anxiety and stress?
Do you want to reduce school absences due to stress?
Are you unsure how to maximise your performance for the LC and beyond?
Do you have short, medium and long term goals?
Do you know the importance of emotional intelligence and how it can help maximise performance?
Alice 19 Cork City Leaving Cert Student 2022
The whole experience of the leaving cert can be very stressful and found that be the case for me. I started working with Denis because wanted to manage my stress and learn how to deal with it for the future. We have talked a lot about developing a resilient and flexibility mindset.
Ryan 17 West Cork 4th Year Student 2022
I've been working with Denis since October 2022. We are currently working through the "High Performance Program". I have found this has been very helpful in both my studies and school performance but also my sporting performance. I'm a member of the Cork Development Squads and I understand that mental performance is key.
Jimmy 20 east Cork 1st Year MTU Cork
Denis was recommended to me through a friend and I must say I really needed his help. I was struggling with my college course and lost focus. I found the online teaching to be difficult and found it hard to keep on top of my studies. We talked a lot about accountability and developing my non negotiable's. Having someone to hold me accountable has really helped me.
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Benefits of Performance Coaching for students

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