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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching also know as (One to One coaching) is a process with a direct focus on the client’s development. Each session is tailor made and is adaptable to a client’s changing goals. To help reach the end goal the client will be tasked with smaller goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound (SMART GOALS).

Who undertakes One to One coaching?

members who vary from entry-level to senior management who has an interest in
improving themselves. Stakeholders undertake these meetings with a view of
improving performance, improving culture and leadership skills. This form of coaching is p
ossibly the most influential approach to leadership development
for senior leaders. Leaders can transform their performance through working
one-on-one with a professional coach on their goals and challenges, in a way
that offers both support and challenge.


Managing expectations

Firstly we will undertake a chemistry session free of charge so that you feel comfortable and you are happy to proceed. Once you are happy to proceed, a coaching contract is drawn up detailing how many sessions have been agreed upon, duration and the dates of each session. A clear distinction is drawn in the differences between coaching and counselling, coaching is about looking forward. Sessions are flexible in terms of delivery , we can meet in person but we also have the option using of Skype or Zoom.

What we will do

Before the session takes place the coachee will be contacted with a questionnaire to complete and this will detail topics they may wish to discuss. Based on this information and that of the chemistry session a number of coaching tools will be prepared. Each tool will present opportunities to set some SMART goals to help achieve some attainable targets building toward your overall goal. Each session will end with any feedback the coachee may have or any issues they feel may be a no go area for them going forward.

Benefits of One to One coaching

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