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Why Hire an Executive Coach?

Executive Coaching focuses on the future, regardless of past challenges it lets you discover your potential and rise to meet it. Working with an executive coach will also start the process of delivering a high performance outlook in the work place and taking consistent action in accomplishing your goals. The coaching process is a personal form of talent development specific to each individual involving a close collaboration and confidential relationship between the coach and the coachee. As a result executive coaching is generally the preferred route of business organisations because of its efficiency and effectiveness when compared to other interventions. The coaching process also involves helping leaders to understand their current capabilities, focus on identifying and clarifying existing goals and how to reach these goals. To help with this the executive coach uses their tool kit which consists of a number of coaching models that are used to discover the client’s outlook and beliefs, help with goal setting, proposing differing options and paths. This can help when choosing the best course of action to move ahead toward a desired state. 

Apart from focusing on performance, an executive coach can also be someone you bounce ideas off. The coach goes the extra mile and is someone who is invested in your development, knowing you have someone ‘in your corner’ shouldn’t go unnoticed. It may not be their main function, but it can be an invaluable one.

Take this chance to fast-track your personal development by working with an executive coach


Culture is a term that is tied to businesses and sports teams in recent times, those that are successful highlight their culture as giving them the extra edge.

The question is how does a team or business develop a successful culture?

What is culture firstly?

Culture is a belief or set of beliefs that underpins the day to day operation of the business. A cultural shift starts with a figure head, be it a team manager or business director, and it can only succeed if the individual staff members /players buy into it. The individuals need to analyse and transform their own behavior taking responsibility for their actions and behaviors. We believe that a shift towards a positive culture will see an aspect like leadership develop and grow within the organization. As executive and leadership consultants we specialize in building relationships with businesses helping them to implement change throughout the organization.


How will specialist coaching help me or my organization?

Gain the extra edge – Currently we see professional sportsmen and women work with top S&C and nutrition coaches outside of a team setting, this is no different from working with an executive coach that will encourage you to reach your potential. Your executive coach will work with you to set goals, take action to reach these goals and will challenge and motivate you to achieve them.

Provide Support – You’re starting a new job or in a new position. It’s human nature to want to impress your colleagues and superiors during the first few weeks and months. In the early stages of this new role you are you slightly vulnerable as you may lack an in-depth knowledge of the challenges ahead and what is needed to succeed within the new role. 

What kind of Leader are you? – Are you the kind of leader who makes without taking input from anyone who reports to them. Employees are neither considered nor consulted prior to a direction and are expected to adhere to the decision at a time and pace stipulated by the leader. Is this truly getting the best out of your employees? Is it going to be accepted? Do you know how to change your style of leadership

Understanding what works best and when – Honest feedback skilfully given is rare indeed in most organizations.  So it is common for people to reach positions of seniority and to have little real idea of their impact on colleagues.  Research has shown that the more closely your self-awareness is linked to how others actually see you, the higher the performance of the unit or organisation you manage. 

Getting the best out of your staff – ‘Leadership’ is the new buzzword in coaching and performance. How do you identify leadership in your own management style? How do you define the elements of leadership that you need to build upon? Using an executive coach to understand this theme, building on your existing traits can help to motivate your team’s performance. For example, striking the balance between setting a professional distance or a more personal relationship with your team has a major impact on the respect you are accorded as a leader.

Understanding Balance – People spend hours out of their work week travelling ,staying late at work etc now people have found a better work life balance as a result from working from home.  An executive coach can help you highlight the areas that may be consuming too much of your focus. Sacrificing health, happiness and personal relationships, isn’t healthy and isn’t optimum in terms of performance. 

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